Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hotel Near Top O’ Hill Terrace

Hiding in plain view is a little known piece Arlington History called the Top O’ Hill Terrace. This quaint former tea house turned into a gambling hall during the roaring 20’s. On your next visit to Arlington take a peek into this historic underbelly of sin before todays “sin city” existed. However, stay with name you trust and know to be consistent with high quality and exceptional service at the Arlington Holiday Inn Express.

The Top O’ Hill Terrace operated a legitimate restaurant and tea garden alongside its gambling hall and another, shall we say, more discreet form of entertainment. This building came complete with secret rooms and tunnels to hide paraphernalia from the police. Book a tour on your next visit to Arlington and see history in a whole new light.

Book your room at the upstanding Arlington Holiday InnExpress. Complete with comfy bedding, premium cable channels, and even mini-fridge and microwave oven, your can relax and and escape into a world all your own. Book your room now.

1721 Pleasant Place, Arlington, TX, 76015
Phone: (817) 784- 8750 Fax: (817) 288- 1505

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